Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Feeling very optimistic today...yea me!  Formulating my "Plan" and picked a date (Monday, 1/24/11) to implement the first phase.

The "EmptyNester" Plan Phase I:
  • Save money by bringing my lunch to work at least three days a week (didn't want to push it right off the bat...I still have to be realistic...lol)
  • Limit the time I watch TV when I get home from work to two hours a night (this is going to be hard because I am a Political junkie)
  • Have a sit down dinner with my Hubby at least three nights a week (we can do this now since I will not be watching TV)
  • Update and maintain our Budget Planning worksheet (on-going).  This will help focus us on our Retirement Plan...retirement will be here before we know it!!!
  • Have a date night-Eat dinner out at least once a month (maybe see a movie if there is something I want to see)
  • Research possible "volunteer" programs (I really want to do something for others...this will help keep things in perspective)
  • Research possible extracurricular activities that I can do alone and some that both me and my hubby can do (really want to try Vikings Cooking school)
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes three days a week (should be easy since I won't be watching TV)
Ok, now that it is in writing, it is real!!!  Saying a little prayer that this truly is a new beginning...for the better!!

Until next time...Always be thankful for your many blessings!

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